Batik Scroll Wrapping Paper (36 sq. ft.) | Innisbrook Wraps

Batik Scroll Wrapping Paper (36 sq. ft.)

SKU: E315324G

The glorious Batik Scroll design on this wrapping paper is based on a style of artwork that originated on the island of Java, Indonesia. Originally found on fabrics, we have interpreted this ancient art form into a bright, modern, and unique wrapping paper!

Perfect for all occasions, the Batik Scroll gift wrap pattern is designed to enhance visual interest while adding depth and movement to an already energetic and flowy print. 

This tear-resistant Batik Scroll wrapping paper offers an ideal weight, preventing the creases and crinkles that can affect the appearance of your package, and ensuring a professional touch

  • 100% made in the USA using earth-friendly inks
  • One 24" by 18' (36 sq. ft.) wrapping paper roll. No creases to mar your presentation
  • Get creative! Uses include gift wrapping (of course!), crafts, home and party decor