Reversible Wrapping Paper

Reversible wrapping paper is the ultimate in gift wrap versatility — providing a go-to secondary wrapping option to secret away a gift, or, to create drama and surprise as the second color or pattern is revealed! Choosing reversible wrapping paper is like getting two rolls for the price of one — and one of the best ways to keep your wrapping options open!

Our reversible wrapping paper designs include holiday and seasonal choices, options for a new baby or birthdays, or versatile patterns and solids that can sub for any occasion. There are even reversible wrapping paper choices for fishing and boating enthusiasts!

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For the perfect way to make your thoughtfully-chosen gift stand out, take the time to select reversible wrapping paper that reflects your individuality, caring, and creativity. Pair your reversible wrapping paper selection with a color-coordinated tag, some delicately-tied tulle, or a chiffon ribbon to create an eye-catching gift that will command attention.

We offer stylish reversible wrapping paper designs that will come in handy for various holidays, seasons, and areas of interest. Plus, our durable, tear- and crease-resistant, ideal-weight wrapping paper offers the perfect balance of utility and durability.

Also, our reversible wrapping paper selections are 100 percent made in the USA, using earth-friendly inks. For a unique and creative idea, you can use reversible wrapping paper for crafts, home, and party decor!