Chanukah Wrapping Paper | Innisbrook Wraps

For the perfect way to make your thoughtfully-chosen Chanukah gift stand out, take the time to select Chanukah wrapping paper that reflects your individuality and creativity. Pair your Chanukah wrapping paper selection with a color-coordinated tag, some delicately-tied tulle, or a chiffon ribbon to create an eye-catching gift that will command attention.

We offer stylish and traditional Chanukah wrapping paper designs that will come in handy, no matter what the occasion. Our durable, tear- and crease-resistant, ideal-weight wrapping paper offers the perfect balance of utility and durability.

Also, our Chanukah wrapping paper selections are 100 percent made in the USA, using earth-friendly inks. And selected Chanukah wrapping paper styles offer a handy cutting grid on the reverse side, making cutting and sizing your wrapping paper easy and giving you perfect cuts every time!