Wedding Wrapping Paper

Wedding wrapping paper is the perfect way to signal to that special couple that the occasion of their union is one to celebrate! Wedding gifts have been given since 1890 — a tradition that symbolizes love and respect for those tying the knot on their special day of connection.

Our wedding wrapping paper designs are a perfect way to add an intimate touch to that special day — a classic flair with papers that are as memorable as the gifts within. Our collection of wedding wrapping paper designs include tonal stripes, blooms, bullions, hearts and more, in glorious golds, stunning silvers, and classy whites.

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For the perfect accompaniment to your thoughtfully-chosen gift, take the time to select wedding wrapping paper that reflects your individuality, caring, and creativity. Pair your wedding wrapping paper selection with a color-coordinated tag, some delicately-tied tulle, or a chiffon ribbon to create an eye-catching gift that will command attention.

We offer stylish, traditional, and modern wedding wrapping paper designs that will be the highlight of the special day! Our wedding wrapping paper is available in patterned, solid and tonal designs. We even offer reversible gift wrap for maximum versatility! Our durable, tear- and crease-resistant, ideal-weight wrapping paper offers the perfect balance of utility and durability.