Gift Wrap Kits

Gift wrap kits give you several options of wrapping paper to choose from to dress your gifts. There are at least three styles to choose from in each of these gift wrap kits while some kits include as many as 6 styles. Choose your occasion then select the kit that suits your fancy so that you’re never short on wrapping paper.

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These gift wrap kits give you at least 3 gorgeous styles and colors of wrapping paper that will allow you to wrap many gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and every important occasion on your calendar. Whether it is a gift for your employer or co-worker, a family member or friend or even to welcome a new baby, Innisbrook provides gift wrap kits with a wrapping paper assortment you’ll adore.

Crafters love coordinating our gift wrap kits into special handmade gifts and decor - they’re as lovely to make as they are to receive! From wall art to picture frames, decoupaged desk sets to keepsake ornaments, and hanging art to gorgeous utilitarian objects, no crafter’s arsenal is complete without assorted wrapping paper from which to choose. Innisbrooks’s gift wrap kits are the perfect place to start collecting, whether for crafts or so that you’re never caught without wrapping paper at the least opportune time.