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Santa Celebration Kraft Gift Wrap

SKU: X701224G
Bouncing, springing, somersaulting Santas cheerfully adorn Santa Celebration Kraft wrapping paper. Santas are approximately 5 inches tall and wear the traditional red and white Santa suit. Look a little closer, though, and notice that he's a little patched up with a familiar red, white, and blue-- is that an American flag? Who knew that Santa is a patriot?

  • Kraft

  • Tear- resistant, Ideal Weight wrapping paper offers the perfect balance of utility and durability

  • 100% made in the USA using earth-friendly inks

  • One 24" by 18' (36 sq. ft.) wrapping paper roll. No creases to mar your presentation

  • Get creative! Uses include gift wrapping (of course!), crafts, home and party decor