Christmas Tissue Toss


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If you're anything like we are, you always want your gift bags to look "just so." You may have developed the perfect technique for fluffing your tissue. We like the pinch, shake, twist, tuck (and tuck a little more, reposition, straighten, go a little overboard with perfection obsession) method. Our method can be a little... intense.

Our Tissue Toss, on the other hand, is a completely different story. It is super easy-to-use. And the results? Well, the results are curly, fluffy perfection every time.

Your tissue toss will arrive in a flat package. Create the curls by lifting at the grommet and giving the flat tissue a shake or two. The layers of red, green, and white tissue will separate into a tussle of tissue tendrils that you can then add to any gift bag or basket to add an easy and effortless "WOW!" Perfection every time!

  • Large 4.7 inch swirl produces a voluminous, curly cascade of tissue

  • Traditional Christmas colors of red, green, and white coordinate with the colors of the season

  • Ships flat. Stores flat.

  • Easy to use. Simply lift at the grommet, shake, and add to your gift bag