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Big Top Circus Wrapping Paper

SKU: E789824C

Can you look at this paper without thinking, "Not my circus. Not my monkeys?" Ha! Now you can't!

For the special days you want to celebrate your little circus animals, our Big Top Circus Gift Wrap is just the ticket! Sweet circus animals-- bears, leaping lions, seals, happy elephants, and jump-roping dogs-- chug across this cute kids' wrapping paper in their colorful circus train cars. With its subdued, but still energetic, colorway this wrapping paper is great for kids' presents and baby gifts alike.

  • Tear- resistant, Ideal Weight wrapping paper offers the perfect balance of utility and durability

  • 100% made in the USA using earth-friendly inks

  • Reverse is printed with a handy-dandy 1" cutting grid, guiding you to perfect cuts every time!

  • Get creative! Uses include gift wrapping (of course!), crafts, home and party decor